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Flat Card

Prentiss Douthit Christmas Digital Photo Cards - Blessed Photo Card

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Prentiss Douthit Christmas and Holiday Digital Photo Card "Blessed Digital Photo Card" BGPD-P23601-M Size 9.25" x 4" Flat soft blue card with preprinted greeting. Compose the personalization to be printed underneath the greeting in your choice of typestyles and ink colors. The printer will print your digital photo on the cards.

Unprinted, unlined white envelopes are included. Your return address can be printed on the envelope flaps and envelope liners can be added at an additional charge.

Shown with:
typestyles 19 Bank Gothic and 8 Liberty,
ink color black,
stock motif H-587 Simple snowflake,
motif ink color light cranberry.

The motif shown on this card can be omitted or a different stock motif can be substituted.

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Suggested Retail Prices for this Item (Prices are shown before applying Celebrate discounts):
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
  25 50 75 100 Each Add'l 25
Item ends with M: $92 $119 $165 $211 $52
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
  25 50 75 100 Each Add'l 25
Envelope Linings: $38 $76 $114 $152 $38
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
  25 50 75 100 Each Add'l 25
Printed return adddress on envelope flaps: $42 $48 $58 $68 $17

Printing method:  This printer uses flat printing only. See question 2 on our FAQ page to learn more about the different printing methods.

Foreign language:  You may use any foreign language using the English alphabet at no additional charge.  A proof is required if any foreign language is used (see below).

Ink:  Extensive choice at no extra charge. Click here to see the available ink colors.  Second color ink available at no additional charge.

Typestyles:  Extensive choice of typestyles. Click here to see the available typestyles

Designs:  An extensive selection of stock designs are available. Click here to see the available designs.  On the order form, specify where you would like the design to be placed.

Photos/Logos: Prentiss Douthit can print your photo or logo. Email us the photo or logo in .tiff, .jpg or .pdf format, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi resolution.

Envelope colors:  White only.

Printed return address:  The printer can print your return address on the back of the envelopes in the typestyle that you used on your invitation, announcement or stationery for an additional charge.

Extra envelopes:  Two extra envelopes are included with each order. Extra envelopes are available at $15 for 25 unprinted envelopes.

Envelope linings:  Extensive choice of envelope linings available. Click here to see the available envelope linings.

Printer's proof:  A proof can be emailed or faxed to you for $15 per proof. Proofs are required for any order printed in a language other than English.

Reorders:  A 25 card minimum is required for all reorders.  Reorders are priced as new orders and are billed according to the price sheet above.  Be sure to order enough the first time!

Delivery time:  To determine your Delivery Time, add your order's Proofing Time, Printing Time and Shipping Time, as follows (all times are best estimates and are not guaranteed):

   Proofing Time:

2-3 business days.

   Printing Time:

5-8 business days.

   Shipping Time:          

Ground:  varies from 2-10 business days, depending upon how far you are from the printing location in Indiana.  We don't charge you for ground shipping on orders totaling $400 or more.  (If the order is less than $400, shipping is $8 per order.)

3 business day UPS:  $18.

2 business day UPS:  $23.

Next business day UPS:  $33

The above prices are for orders shipped to an address in the continental US. Shipping to other areas will be greater.

International Shipping: The shipping costs shown above are for deliveries within the continental US.  Costs will be greater for deliveries to other destinations.  International customers are responsible for any customs duties of the destination country.  Customs documents will show package contents as "merchandise-stationery" and the value shown will be the purchase price of your order.