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Crane & Co. Christmas Stick-On Photo Card - Azure Beaded Border Photo Card - XCP90047T-44B

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Crane & Co. Christmas and Holiday Peel and Stick Photo Card “Azure Beaded Border Photo Card" XCP90047T-44B Size 7.5" x 5.5" Foldover white card with silver foil and azure blue borders surrounding the photo. Select a standard greeting or compose the text to be printed in your choice of printing method, typestyle and ink color.

Unprinted, unlined white envelopes are included (LE9111).

Available printing methods and ink colors for interior text:

Digital printing in any holiday ink color,
Thermography in any holiday ink color,
Flat printing in any holiday ink color,
Engraving in any holiday ink color.

Customer will attach own 4" x 6" photos to the cards with the repositionable double stick tape which will be on each card. This card is available vertical (fold on side - as shown) or horizontal (fold on top - as shown).

Shown with optional envelope liner LIN131A - navy (additional charge for envelope liners).

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Order with digital printing: Order

Order with engraving: Order

Suggested Retail Prices for this Item (Prices are shown before applying Celebrate discounts):
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
Item ends in letter B: 25 50 75 100
Flat or Therm - with printed envelopes $292 $362 $448 $522
Flat or Therm - with plain envelopes $212 $282 $366 $440
Digi - with printed envelopes $242 $312 $398 $472
Digi - with plain envelopes $162 $232 $316 $390
Engraved - with engraved envelopes $472 $542 $638 $730
Engraved - with plain envelopes $312 $382 $466 $548
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
25 50 75 100
Envelope Linings ending in A: $18 $36 $54 $72
Envelope Linings ending in B: $24 $48 $72 $96
Envelope Linings ending in C: $30 $60 $90 $120

Printing Method:  Please see the description of the card (above) for the available printing methods for this card.

Text:  Compose your own greeting or select one of the suggested greetings. See order form for suggested greeting choices.

Typestyles:  See order form for typestyle choices.

Ink:  See order form for ink color choices.

Second Ink Color or Two-Sided Printing:  There is an additional charge to print in two ink colors or on multiple areas of the card. Please contact us for pricing.

Designs:  Stock designs can be added at no additional charge if printed in the same ink color as the rest of your text. See order form for choices.

Logos/Customer supplied art:  The printer can enlarge, reduce, crop and print from camera ready artwork at no additional charge, as long as it is drawn with crisp lines in black ink on white paper. Line art should be 1200 dpi in black & white or bitmap mote. Photos should be 300 dpi in grayscale mode. Multi-color artwork must be color-separated. The best file format for this is a vector-based .eps with CMYK spot colors. If you cannot provide a file in this format or if artwork requires touch up, there is an additional charge.

Extra envelopes: Two additional envelopes are included with each order. Extra envelopes are available for a small additional charge. Please see the order form for the price of extra plain or printed envelopes.

Printed envelope flaps: See pricing in price table, above. Printed in typestyle and ink color to match your card.

Envelope linings: See order form for available liners and prices.

Printer's proof: The printer can send a proof after they have typeset your information, so that you can review it and make changes before they print. See order form for details.

Postage: Some cards require additional postage. Please check with your post office before mailing.

Reorders: A 25 card minimum is required for all reorders. Reorders are priced as new orders and are billed according to the price sheet above. Be sure to order enough the first time!

Delivery time: To determine your Total Delivery Time, add your order's Proofing Time, Printing Time and Shipping Time, as follows (all times are best estimates and are not guaranteed):

Proofing Time: 2-3 business days.

Printing Time: 5-15 business days.

Shipping Time:

Ground: varies from 2-7 business days, depending upon how far you are from the printing location in Massachusetts.  We don't charge you for UPS ground shipping on orders totaling $400 or more.  (If the order is less than $400, shipping is $8 per order.)

2 day UPS: $32 for 2 business day shipping and handling of orders of up to 1000 cards.  Shipping costs for larger orders is based on weight and destination.

Overnight UPS: $44 for next business day delivery of orders of up to 1000 cards.  Shipping costs for larger orders is based on weight and destination.

International Shipping: The shipping costs shown above are for deliveries within the continental US.  Costs will be greater for deliveries to other destinations.  International customers are responsible for any customs duties of the destination country.  Customs documents will show package contents as "merchandise-stationery" and the value shown will be the purchase price of your order.