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Here are the answers to some questions our customers frequently ask us about Celebrate!:

How is Celebrate! different from other birth announcement companies I have seen online?

We are different from many of the birth announcement and stationery companies on the Web and those that advertise in magazines because we carry the same nationally-known, high-quality birth announcements and other personal stationery that fine department and stationery stores carry but we carry them at prices much lower than you'll see there! All printing is done by the printers on their high-quality commercial equipment--not on someone's home computer. We offer very high quality birth announcements, invitations and personal stationery from the nation's best printers and stationers--almost all at discounted prices--that's a great value, and that's how we're different from the rest! We've been in business since 1991 and online since 1999!

What type of printing is used?

There are four kinds of printing, plus foil printing or stamping. Please review the order information page for the printer you select to see which method your printer uses.

Digital printing uses plateless imaging systems that are imaged by digital data from prepress systems. Digital printing allows for combined printing of digital photos and multple color typefaces and designs.

Engraving is a printing process which uses special copper plates into which a mirror image of your design and/or greeting is etched, or cut, using modern engraving equipment. Ink is then rolled onto the plates, filling the grooves of the etched design or text. The plate is then cleaned of excess ink. When the plate is pressed to paper under extreme pressure, the ink in the grooves adheres to the paper and, when dry, delivers a raised feel with extremely fine detail. Generally regarded as the most elegant of printing methods, engraving is also the process used for printing currency. It's beautiful but takes longer and is more expensive.

Letterpress is the process of printing from an inked raised surface - the paper is impressed directly upon the surface. This gives a "pillow-like" impression and an old-fashioned look. This process is available only when specifically noted in the detailed description of each card or letterhead.

Thermography makes use of special inks which, when printed with a special heating process, also deliver a raised feel similar to engraving but without as much detail. It is less expensive than engraving and takes less time to prepare.

Flat printing is the printing process used most commonly for books, newspapers and everyday printing. As you can tell from its name, the printed matter is flat to the touch. Flat printing is usually the least expensive method of printing.

Foil printing or stamping is a process where a thin film coated with the selected colors is applied with a heat-activated adhesive that sticks the color film to the paper. Foil stamping is usually shiny but can be matte or textured.

Which printers do you carry?

We presently carry more than a dozen major publishers. We're adding more printers all the time, and we're also expanding the number of announcements we carry from each printer.

So, how does the online viewing and ordering work?

There are several ways to view images online:

1. If your heart is set on a particular printer's designs, or if you would like to browse as though you were in a stationery store, return to the Birth Announcements home page (or Holiday Cards, Party Invitations or whatever you are interested in) and click on the printer's name in the list to see "thumbnail" images of the designs of that printer available for viewing and ordering online. If a thumbnail image interests you, click on it to see the detailed image and more information about that design.


2. If you prefer, you can search our website for birth announcements that match your interest. Just use our search form. If you want "trains," enter the word "trains" in our search engine and run the search. How about golf? Sailing? Teddy bears? Twins? We have them all! Enter your search term and a list of items matching your request will appear on your screen. Click on each link, in turn, to view the item, and use the "back" button on your browser to return to the list of links. Restrict your search by printer, if you like, by pulling down that printer's name on the pull-down list.

Once you've found something you want to order, click on the "Prices and Ordering Information" link to go to the ordering details page for that item. Read the instructions, taking note of color choices, ribbon options etc., as you go. There will be other links to take you to available options to see matching thank-you notes, font styles, envelope liners, etc., whenever applicable. You'll need to make frequent use of your browser's back button and a paper and pencil to keep track of what you like (yes, really--they're still useful!).

Where is the Order Form?

You can click on the "Order" button you'll see on the detailed product page itself (that's the page where the big image of the card appears). An order form will open for you to fill out.

We use the word "order form" loosely. Many of the announcements have several ordering options and it can get a little confusing. So, before we place your order, we'll confirm it with you by e-mail or fax. If you have questions you need to have answered before you finalize your order, there is a space on the order form to ask them. But please take care to enter your e-mail or fax information correctly. If we can't communicate with you about your order, we can't process it.

For your protection, we require payment by credit card only. All credit card information is transmitted in encrypted form using secure socket layer (SSL) protocol from your browser directly to our card card processor. No credit card numbers goes through or to our servers, thereby reducing the possibility of identity theft. Your order will be billed to your credit card account when you complete the "checkout" section of the web order form. (For some of our more complex printers we will get back to you with the correct charge amount and provide a link to our online payment page.) We "hold" an amount against your credit card available credit to ensure that the charge will go through when your order is shipped. Your card will not be charged until your order is shipped.

I don't seem to be getting your replies to my inquiries to you. What's wrong?

There's a good chance that our emails back to you are being caught by your junk mail software. Make sure that your settings allow mail from the domain "". The mail usually comes from "sales27" or "nancy" at that domain, though it's better to allow the entire domain, if your software allows you to do so. If you have subscribed to receive email reminders about the holiday sales season and other sales events, the domain to authorize is and the account is "newsletter" at that domain.

I can't get some of the links showing typefaces, ink colors, envelope liners, etc., on your website to show. What do I do?

We use JavaScript pop-up windows to show examples of typestyles, ink colors, available ribbons, bows, envelope liners, etc. If you can't get these features to work, first, disable any "pop-up killer" software you may be using.

If you don't use those or that doesn't solve the problem, make sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. This option appears on the Tools menu of your browser.

What happens if I receive my cards and I notice an error?

Please notify us by email within 5 days of receipt of your order. If the printer has not printed exactly what appeared on the confirmation paperwork or proof which you approved, the printer will reprint the order as quickly as possible at no cost to you. If, however, the printer has printed just what was on your confirmation paperwork or proof that you approved and you subsequently realize that it is incorrect (if, for example, there is a misspelling or if you omitted some information), the printer will reprint at a reduced price. You are responsible for the cost of this reprint. Neither the printer nor Celebrate! is responsible for errors on order forms or proofs which are approved by you. Please check your confirming paperwork or proofs very carefully to avoid reprints!

What if, after I receive my order, it doesn't have any errors but I just don't like it? Can I return it for a refund?

No. Sorry, but your order was custom-printed for you. Because it cannot be sold to anyone else, you cannot return the order and no refunds or credits can be given. Please be sure to ask any questions that you might have before you place your order so that you can be sure that you will love the finished product. We encourage you to order a proof to make sure that you're happy with the layout, etc. In some cases, as when you order business logos or order printing in a foreign language, a proof is required. NOTE: If your order is typeset and then you cancel completely, there is a typesetting fee as explained in the upper portion of your order form or in the terms of use.

Do you provide other services?

We'll be happy to do those extra things, like faxing proofs and arranging for delivery of envelopes to you ahead of time--less work for Mom and Dad after the baby is born! In a big rush? No problem: Rush printing and rush shipping are available at an additional charge. We'll be delighted to serve our friends overseas, too! And here's something you don't see everywhere: We don't mark-up shipping and other handling charges to hide extra profit. For extra services, we charge you only what our vendors charge us.

What do you do with personal information I give you?

Our Privacy Policy provides that we use the information you give us only for our business. We will not give or sell information about you to others for any purpose, except (of course) to our printers solely for the purpose of printing your order. We may send you permission-based email messages or postcards from time-to-time to let you know about vacation closings and special offers on holiday cards and other custom stationery. If you get mail or email from us you don't want, please accept our apologies. Just let us know and we'll remove your name from our mailing list. Or go to the mailing list to edit or remove your contact information. For more about your privacy at Celebrate!, please see our Privacy Policy.

I have trouble getting the order form to function properly. What should I do?

It's possible that your browser is set to disable session cookies. Our order form system requires that browsers accept session cookies. Session cookies are valid only for the current browsing session on our site and don't track or otherwise affect you on other sites. Please adjust your browser to allow cookies from Celebrate!