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Flat Card

Blue Swirl Flat

Matching Thank You Note

Matching Thank You Note

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This is Item No. BNW2202F, H32"Blue Swirl Flat". Size is 5"x7". This is a flat card which can be used as an announcement or birthday party or shower invitation. Compose the text to be printed in your choice of typestyle and ink. Shown with typestyle: Nadianne, ink: Black. Additional charge for ink color other than black.

Also available with a white chiffon bow, which will be attached by the printer. Order item No. BNW2202M.

Thank you is a top fold note. Size is 3.5""x5"". Shown with typestyle: Encino, ink: Black. For pricing, or to order with a different announcement, use item No. BNW2202TF.

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Suggested Retail Prices for this Item (Prices are shown before applying Celebrate discounts):
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
  25 50 75 100 Each Add'l 25
Item ends in letter F: $68 $101 $136 $171 $35
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
  25 50 75 100 Each Add'l 25
Item ends in letter M: $93 $142 $197 $252 $56
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
  25 50 75 100 Each Add'l 25
Printed return adddress on envelope flaps: $24 $31 $39 $46 $8
Quantity (other quantities may be selected on the orderform)
  25 50 75 100 Each Add'l 25
Flat or Folded note ends in letter TF: $45 $76 $107 $138 $31

Want to "pre-order"?  Many of our clients do.  Instructions for "pre-ordering" before your baby is born are on the order form.  $15 charge for envelopes in advance.  See the table above to determine the additional cost of return address printing, if desired.

Ink:  Black ink is included in the price.  Color inks are $10 extra per order, regardless of quantity.  Colors available are Bright Red, Marine Red, Green, Pink, Hunter, Grey, Cornflower, Purple, Brown, Medium Blue and Federal Blue.  Please note:  Vellum designs can be printed only with black ink.  Click here to see the available ink colors.

Typestyles:  Choice of typestyles.  Click here to see the available typestyles.

Envelopes in advance:  Envelopes in advance are available as follows:

--for envelopes ordered without printed return address on the flap:  $15

--for envelopes ordered with printed return address on the flap:  $15 plus the cost for printing (see table above)

Envelope Colors:  Envelopes are available only in white.

Vellum & Ribbons:  Vellum and/or ribbon in the color shown are included at no extra charge if shown in the sample.  All items are delivered assembled.

Printer's proof:  Emailed color proof available:  $5 per proof.

Delivery time:  To determine your Delivery Time, add your order's Proofing Time, Printing Time and Shipping Time, as follows (all times are best estimates and are not guaranteed):


If you order a proof, you should receive it within 2 business days after the printer receives your order.

   Printing time:

Standard:  5 business days (from January 1st to October 1st); up to 10 business days in the pre-holiday rush.

Rush:  2-3 business days: $25 for announcements; an additional $25 for thank-you notes.

   Shipping time:

Ground: varies from 2-10 business days, depending upon how far you are from the printing location in Florida.  We don't charge you for ground shipping on orders totaling $400 or more.  (If the order is less than $400, shipping is $8 per order.)

3 day:  $18 and up (varies by weight).

2 day:  $22 and up (varies by weight).

Overnight:  $35 and up (varies by weight)

If you want express shipping, check the box on your order form and we'll give you an estimate of the shipping cost before processing your order.  See the order form for details.

International Shipping: Sorry, this printer does not ship outside of North America.